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Analysis of the market and future solutions for the UBO

According to data provided by the Policy Department for Economic, Scientific and Quality of Life Policies, the average percentage of the EU citizens in 2017 using Fintech services was 33%. Due to the higher demand for quality user experience, the usage of Fintech services is rising rapidly. As Sean Gerety precisely noted “The technology you use impresses no one. The experience you create with it is everything.” Following this statement, a study of 2016, shows that 37% of the citizens of the EU wanted to change their financial services provider caused by the lack of advanced technology. Indeed, innovations are a driving engine of global economic development, but as such further challenges remain for the financial institutions. Cyber threats, competition within the banking sector and poor investment in technologies still prevail as problems. SEPA Cyber Technologies is a reliable company that ensures well-orchestrated management modules to face all these cases.

The problem

Regardless of the fact that EU financial institutions have become more resilient, they are still not fully resistant on cyber threats. In 2018 the 5th Directive for AML entered into force, aiming at prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing. Yet, maintaining highly secured standards remains complex for most of the companies. Competition can lead to alternative solutions for the users, still, it might be challenging for the financial sector. Banks do not compete anymore only with themselves but with everyone offering financial services. Within the new, the EU market is even further open for new institutions who will be giving even broader opportunities for the users. Last but not least the world is powered by the best of human and machine intelligence that ensure highly innovative modular products, taking over the financial sector. In this regard, the well-known Solow model is indeed examining how long-run economic growth can refer to technological development. Thus, institutions should be able to maintain technologies in their services in order to stay neoteric on the market.


SEPA Cyber securely stores the data of its users at two data centers, in Sofia (Bulgaria) and Varna (Bulgaria). Moreover, the company has PCI DSS certification, applying the de facto most demanding standard in terms of data security. SEPA Cyber can ensure a leading position on the financial market by providing highly efficient IT solutions. By modernization and involvement of the latest Fintech innovations, SEPA Cyber Technologies is able to make every business dominant. Nowadays, is believed that the Fintech industry obtains the fastest services for financial improvement. Facing the new innowave, the UBO can benefit fully by SEPA Cyber, having the latest technologies, getting the possibility to connect to existing online banks, crypto exchange portals, debit and credit card programs, POS connections, SEPA/IBAN SWIFT and many more. Undeniably, SEPA Cyber can play a core role for the UBO by applying effective and cost-efficiency solutions.

The need of payment industry. Case study based on EMI

Involvement of technologies is taking a global stance in the payment industry. Along with that e-money services started to be more and more implicated. EMI (Electronic Money Industry) is a financial platform aiming to store and issue electronic money. The management of the e-money users can be easily held it through their mobile devices and payment accounts. A payment industry based on EMI can be seen as a digital solution for problems that may emerge with the so-called traditional payments.

The Problem

Even though delivering traditional payments are in most of the cases secure, yet, some problems might appear with the storing of the money. Keeping cash is not always a very convenient way for the individual, since, money can be easily lost or stolen. Moreover, exchanging or obtaining different currencies in different countries or on unreliable places can raise additional complications for the user. Time duration, anonymity and the records keeping of the transaction can also be seen as possible challenges. Even though in a first glance they might not be in significant importance, however, they can be considered as very valuable for excellent user experience.


Security in payments is a necessary condition for SEPA Cyber Technologies. Thus, the development of e-money is accompanied by a secured identification system which ensures that the money of the user will be preserved safely. Easy, fast, reliable and absolutely secure the money are kept best as digital money which makes it impossible to be lost or stolen. SEPA Cyber builds technologies that give to the people outstanding user experience. When transactions are made through the gateway, the identity of the individual sending the money can stay unanimous. Moreover, a full record of each transaction is kept safely, giving the users full access anytime and anywhere to their personal accounts. Last but not least, immediate transactions in all variety of currencies can be accomplished within seconds. Inspired by changing people’s financial behaviors, payment industry based on EMI can be in a major use for pursuing payments for goods online and offline and with the comfort of using it nationally and internationally.