2019 15 October

It is a Fintech world. SEPA Cyber, a driving engine for businesses

Fintech – short for “Financial Technologies” consists of businesses that aim at providing financial services by making use of software and modern technology. Its progress has a significant impact over the way, people run their businesses and manage their savings and expenses. Each and every fintech company has a service offer, which may be used by any business, that strives to involve innovation in its development. Therefore, fintech companies are considered to be the new global players in the finance industry.

According to KPMG, the fintech companies have established themselves as one of the fastest-developing sectors in the last decade. This leads to the question: What impact can a fintech company have to the business?

We will introduce a company, established in 2018, which already grabbed the attention of many users, experts and specialised media – namely SEPA Cyber Technologies. Despite its start-up status, the company has been built on solid experience, innovations, trustworthy customer service and scalability. This company satisfies the financial needs of its customers with the provision of a technology-based open ecosystem.

SEPA Cyber Technologies has an international presence with its offices in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The company has five global data centers, which are used to collect, process and store data for the company’s customers. Two of those are in Sofia and Varna, Bulgaria. Other two in Greenwich UK, and the last two are in the German cities of Bremen and Munich.

The services they offer are based upon their own core banking system, SEPA White CoreX, through which the service platform SEPA MuSe is integrated. Based on the SEPA White CoreX, the SEPA MuSe services are able to be integrated successfully with the business of each customer. SEPA White CoreX offers innovative solutions for banking and finance and the government and retail sectors. Through it, a wide range of services, designed to offer solutions for payment processing in each area are implemented. SEPA White CoreX is a payment platform which places automatization and scalability at the basis of any business operation. The platform itself does not only manage payments, but it provides security and international expandability for its users. The infrastructure of SEPA White CoreX provides industry-leading reliability and security.

Using cutting-edge technologies, implemented through their main engine SEPA White CoreX, SEPA Cyber Technologies offers an opportunity for companies from all over the world to create or to connect to existing online banks, cryptocurrency portals, programs of debit and credit cards, POS connections, SEPA/IBAN SWIFT and many more, which can guarantee competitiveness and economy efficiency. The company also provides a secure system of internet payments in order to provide full protection for the card holder data, which is used during transaction between websites, payment terminals and users.

Relevant to this, SEPA Cyber Technologies will be introducing shortly its new product SEPAid, which is a specialised KYC service (Know Your Customer). This is especially important for fintech companies as it allows them to verify information provided by their potential customers and to prevent illegal activities such as money laundering, skipping imposition or financing of terrorism.

SEPA Cyber Technologies offers SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions. What does that practically mean? Customers can avoid considerable investments in both hardware and software and instead pay only for the services they decide to use based on their business plan. This helps the customer to reach the market within a reasonable budget and in very short time.  Last, but not least, SEPA Cyber Technologies offers such services always and only as “White Label”, so that any company can launch a product branded with its own logo and brand name.

The fintech companies can be considered as the leaders shaping the future of financial operations. They offer a set of usually innovative products and services which help the businesses offer easy to use, and fast services. SEPA Cyber Technologies is one of these companies, which has proven itself as a financial industry specialist. SEPA Cyber Technologies is a company, which offers modern products and services with added value in the financial services sector and enables the creation of innovative scalable businesses for its partners and clients. Considering all of these remarkable achievements which we featured above, one can certainly make the prediction that SEPA Cyber Technologies will be the next leader of the digital market.



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