Innovations drive the modern global economy. You can rely on our professional team and experience in the Fintech environment

About us

SEPA Cyber Technologies has reached remarkable achievements vis-à-vis developing scalable innovations. By providing the best services and products on the market and supporting them with fast, secure, convenient and cost-effective methods we aim at rapid growth of our customer’s business. SEPA Cyber is a Fintech company powered by the best of human and machine intelligence that ensure highly innovative modular products, compliant with the strictest quality and security standards, excellent UI/UX adapted products, with competitive pricing.  In the forthcoming years, our primary goal is to be always on the cutting edge of innovation.


Our offices are located internationally. Our business developers and commercial teams are based in Bulgaria and Turkey. SEPA Cyber solution architects and quality assurance experts operate from Germany. Our team of IT developers is based in India. Its total number exceeds 400 people, more than 80% of them are senior developers with proven knowledge and relevant experience.




Strategic Business Development


Modular Development and Asian Representation


Sales Representation


Architecture and Cyber Security

Data centers

SEPA Cyber Technologies supports five data centers worldwide. By their nature, the data centers are capable of sizeable networked computer services, set up to store, process and collect data of the consumers.


SEPA Cyber team is vibrant, optimistic and passionate about Fintech. We trust in our services and products maintained by the collective work and the intelligence of our community. We are persistent enough to grip on every project of our clients and provide them with brilliant solutions. Fairness and respect to our customers are core values of ours.


Our partners and customers vary from start-ups to the world’s leading companies. We believe that our advanced technology can benefit every kind of business.