How it Works

Our mission is to provide solutions for payment processing and banking for any business. With the latest technologies, it is possible for companies from all around the world to set up or connect to existing online banks, crypto exchange portals, debit and credit card programs, POS connections, SEPA/IBAN SWIFTs and many more than that which can ensure competitive advantage and cost redundancy. To achieve that your company needs just a state of art software and professional management of payment processing procedures.

Software modules

MnPP® modules for online banking, payment transfers and compliance services


POS and KIOSK integrations with third parties payment services and modules

Payment processing

RISK management, payment processing management, legal compliance


MnPP® provides API endpoints to set up your own payment and banking solutions

Who we are?

Innovations drive the modern global economy. Companies that adopt innovations gain a competitive advantage in front of others. Surviving in all industries relies on constantly implementing the latest IT discoveries in their business models.

You need a reliable partner while struggling to be in line with the latest tendencies and inventions. A partner who will be always on the edge of innowave and have enough capacity to deliver it to your company. SEPA Cyber Technologies is that partner. You can rely on our professional team and experience. Let’s talk about your plans today.

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MnPP® allows the combination of innovative features that offer any business’ the unique, specially tailored solution it needs

  • MnPP Crypto exchange module
  • MnPP Payment Processing Solutions
  • MnPP Interface
  • MnPP services and development
  • MnPP integration
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About us

Payments and banking are an essential part of every business. Our Mission is to provide scalable, modular and cost effective payment solutions to every organization. MnPP® is the ultimate toolbox of financial instruments and software modules, to build and scale quickly, software and engineering solutions.



Based on outstanding know-how, innovation, holistic customer service and development create a versatile service landscape that supports customers in every area of payment transactions

  • Software development
  • Application development
  • Online marketing
  • Payment processing
  • Online banking
  • Online support
  • IT Integration
  • Consultancy